Daniel Quinn Interview

KMUD will air my prerecorded interview with Daniel Quinn on Thursday, June 7th at 7 p.m.  Topics covered will include: why we are on a path to human extinction, the human wealth of tribal societies, and why creating true human wealth for ourselves is essential for saving the world.

For those of you not in Northern California, you can listen live or archived at www.kmud.org

For those of you who want to listen to The Living Earth Connection pt. 1, I am trying to fix the download.  In the meantime, you can also go to www.kmud.org  and go to the archive.  Look for Spiritual Perspectives, April 29th.




2 Responses to “Daniel Quinn Interview”

  1. Brilliant interview. Daniel Quinn was brilliant as always, and you weren’t bad yourself. Unfortunately, it was a bit “preaching to the choir” for those of us already familiar with DQ’s ideas, but if even one person not familiar with him tuned into that show and thought “this sounds interesting, it sounds like he’s on to something,” then that makes it worth it.

    I also listened to the first episode of Living Earth Connection. I have to admit I was expecting something other than a reciting of passages of DQ’s writing, but come to think of it, what better way is there to “introduce the ideas of Daniel Quinn” than to show them directly? And by picking key passages, you made a very useful tool: I can show this to people who I can’t convince to read a whole book, as an introduction. It’s Daniel Quinn in a bite-sized form for people who can’t stomach a whole meal. (It’s unfortunate that you were interrupted at the end.)

    Very good work. I look forward to the next two episodes of Living Earth Connection.

    • Thanks Max! I appreciate the encouragement. I did intend the interview to serve as an introduction to Daniel Quinn’s ideas, as well as The Living Earth Connection series. For the past 12 years I have heard lots of comments and analysis in my community that people familiar with DQ’s ideas would not make. I knew that if I heard “we need to evolve” “we are doomed if we don’t all embrace non-violence” “people have always messed things up” and countless other comments of that ilk, one more time, I was going to go crazy! I thought that The Great Forgetting, The Boiling Frog, and The Great Remembering contained DQ’s basic message in a way that would translate well to radio, since they are written as a speech. I chose to fill out the shows with passages that highlighted the difference between programs and vision, and emphasized the flaws of totalitarian agriculture, because they are crucial points, and my community is very programs oriented, and agricultural. I too have also had trouble convincing people to take the time to read DQ’s books, and hoped these shows would be a more accessible format.

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