LEC Presents a Wordless Meditation

Please tune in for a new episode of The Living Earth Connection this Sunday, April 30 at 9:30 a.m. PST on kmud.  In this episode I present a wordless meditation through instrumental music.

At the root of the ecological crisis, lies our cultural belief that we are the rulers of the world.  We believe that humans are superior to, and quite separate from the rest of the community of life.  Rather than knowing that we belong to the community of life, we think the world belongs to us, as resources to be used however we wish.

Related to this inaccurate and destructive belief, is our cultural belief in the supremacy of words and logic.  We rank other modes of being and communication as inferior or unimportant.  This bolsters our sense of superiority and separation from the community of life.  However, language and logic are but one aspect of our capacities, with limited usefulness.  We dismiss our full capacities to our peril.  We do better when we remember that we are bodies, we are animals, with senses developed to navigate the world. Reconnecting to our wordless selves is a powerful experience.

In this episode we reconnect to our wordless selves through instrumental music.  Music is an inexplicable urge that predates language in human experience, and we share this urge with other animals.

John Hardin composed LEC’s wordless meditation, off the grid, in his solar powered studio, using a collection of instruments he mostly built himself from recycled materials and found objects.  To learn more about John’s music, and see pictures of the instruments, go to www.electricearthmusic.wordpress.com.   Go to www.kmud.org to hear this episode live or archived under Sunday Spiritual Perspectives.


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