LEC Talks to Thomas Gaelok About Sami Culture

Tune in to http://www.kmud.org on Sunday, September 29, at 9:30 am PST, to hear a conversation with Thomas Gaelok about Sami culture and history.  The Sami people are indigenous people living in northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola peninsula of Russia.  Like other indigenous people, the Sami have been severely impacted by farming culture and civilization.  They have withstood efforts to wipe out their language, religion and culture.  We met Thomas Gaelok at Saemien Sijte, the South Sami Museum and Cultural Center in Snasa Norway, where he has worked as a guide during the summer season, for over a decade.  Thomas also performs as a musician, singing joiks, a traditional Sami music.  To learn more about Sami culture, please tune in.

To hear this interview:

part 1 Thomas Gaelok interview

part 2 Thomas Gaelok interview

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