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The Living Earth Connection # 19 airs today

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The Living Earth Connection #19 airs today, Sunday, July 31 2016, at 9:30 a.m. WST on 91.1 and 88.1 FM. In today’s show I focus on the massive expansion of the marijuana industry in Humboldt County, called the Green Rush.  This agricultural and industrial expansion, located in valuable habitat, devastates the environment.  The fragmentation and degradation of habitat by Humboldt’s marijuana industry, has accelerated in recent years.  This ecological devastation is the outer manifestation of a deep spiritual sickness.  In today’s show I perform an intention ceremony to end the Green Rush and steer this region toward Life’s highest possibilities for the land, the wildlife, and the people.  Please tune in.


Wildlife Matters airs on KMUD

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After immersing myself in predator ecology, preparing for “Sarah and the Wolf,” I found that I wasn’t ready to leave the topic.  Daniel Quinn points to our culture’s practice of annihilating our competitors, as a key difference between us, all other human cultures, and the rest of creation. Looking more closely at these practices is horrifying.  Barry Lopez’s book, Of Wolves and Men, brought the activities of the federal agency, Wildlife Services, to my attention.  They began their mission of exterminating wolves back in 1914, and all but succeeded.  Just a couple of weeks after I completed “Sarah and the Wolf” I learned that Humboldt County contracts with Wildlife Services, thanks to the work of Monte Merrick, co-director of the Humboldt Wildlife Care Center.  He did a great job of raising the issue in the local media, and there was a pretty good showing of opposition at the Board of Supervisors meeting, but they renewed the contract anyway.  I thought doing an educational radio show on Wildlife Services, that also looked at humane solutions to wildlife conflicts, could help grow public awareness.  Also, my partner John Hardin decided he was ready to be done with his kmud radio show, the SHARC Report, which covered issues related to Ham radio and radio technology.  I was full of ideas for shows about wild animals, wildlife ecology and ethology, and John decided that a collaboration was a great idea, at least if he could design the show to be challenging from an production standpoint.  We put in our proposal, and the first show airs tomorrow, September 4, at 5 p.m. PST on .  This first episode of Wildlife Matters features our interview with Monte Merrick, speaking on Wildlife Services, as well as the humane solutions movement.  I hope you’ll tune in.

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The Living Earth Connection #5 airs March31st

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When chain-saws and bulldozers are heard ringing through their forest home, yet again, the forest animals are upset.  Crow and Cougar know they must take the situation into their own paws and talons, in the story “We Live in the Forest” which will air on KMUD radio on Sunday, March 31st, at 9:30 am Pacific Time.  “We Live in the Forest” explores the ecological and social impacts of Southern Humboldt County’s black-market agricultural economy.  Tune into to hear The Living Earth Connection broadcast live and archived.

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