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Wildlife Matters Looks at the Crisis of Rat Poison and Wildlife

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The widespread use of rodenticides in homes, schools, restaurants, hotels, and in agriculture, weakens and kills a host of beneficial predators, such as hawks, owls, fishers, bobcats, and even cougars.  Tune in to on Thursday, December 25 at 5 p.m. PST, to hear Maggie Rufo, of The Hungry Owl Project, talk about this crisis.  We will also hear from Mourad Gabriel, of the Integral Ecology Research Center, talk about the heinous poisoning of Nyxo.  We look at the important role rodents play in the food web, and sane ways we can keep rodents out of our homes.  This is a crisis we can turn around!  It is up to us to educate ourselves, and our neighbors, to stop using rat poison.

The show will also be available to stream or download on this blog.

Wildlife Matters looks at the Pacific Fisher

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Tune in on Thursday, November 27 at 5 p.m., PST on for the next episode of Wildlife Matters.  In this episode we talk to Mourad Gabriel of the Integral Ecology Research Center about the Pacific Fisher, an elusive and imperiled forest carnivore.  These formidable predators weigh in at only four to six pounds on average, but have been known to take down lynx.  Yet here in California, bobcats are their primary predators.  Join us as we learn about Fishers, and take a look at habitat changes, and the emerging threat of rodenticides, to understand why Pacific Fishers have seen a disturbing increase in predation and mortality.  Wildlife Matters will be posted on this site, after airing on kmud.  I hope you will tune in.