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LEC episode # 20 airs Sunday, October 30

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The Living Earth Connection episode # 20 airs this Sunday, October 30. In this episode I present selections from The Ancestral Mind by Gregg Jacobs Ph.D..  Our Ancestral Mind is the preverbal, intuitive and unconscious emotional mind.  Our Thinking Mind is the rational, verbal and self conscious mind.  While Dr. Jacobs emphasis is on how these two aspects of our mind function, and how our overreliance on our Thinking Mind causes much of our ill health and unhappiness, there is also much to learn from these two forms of human consciousness, regarding the beliefs and actions that cause the ecological crisis. Please tune in on Sunday, October 30 at 9:30 a.m. PST to

To download:

part 1

part 2


Wildlife Matters looks at the Humboldt Marten

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This Thursday, October 27, Wildlife Matters looks at the Humboldt Marten.  Once feared extinct, they were recently rediscovered in Six Rivers National Forest and Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.  They used to be numerous throughout the “fog belt” of coastal old growth Redwoods, Doug-fir and Sitka forests, from Sonoma to the Oregon border. Now they number less than a hundred.  To find out more about these small carnivores of the Mustelid family, tune in to this Thursday, October 27.

The Living Earth Connection # 19 airs today

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The Living Earth Connection #19 airs today, Sunday, July 31 2016, at 9:30 a.m. WST on 91.1 and 88.1 FM. In today’s show I focus on the massive expansion of the marijuana industry in Humboldt County, called the Green Rush.  This agricultural and industrial expansion, located in valuable habitat, devastates the environment.  The fragmentation and degradation of habitat by Humboldt’s marijuana industry, has accelerated in recent years.  This ecological devastation is the outer manifestation of a deep spiritual sickness.  In today’s show I perform an intention ceremony to end the Green Rush and steer this region toward Life’s highest possibilities for the land, the wildlife, and the people.  Please tune in.

Episode #14 of The Living Earth Connection airs this Sunday

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In the next episode of The Living Earth Connection I present a reading of The Book of the Damned by Daniel Quinn. Written a decade before Ishmael, The Book of the Damned powerfully conveys Daniel Quinn’s ideas and insights.  In it he draws our attention to two different stories about the world, and man’s place in it.  “What difference does a story make?  It makes a difference.  Because the story we have, we are enacting.  We are making it come true.”  One story represents man’s destiny, while the other leads to extinction.  Please tune in on Sunday, May 31 at 9:30 a.m. to or 91.1 FM to hear The Book of the Damned.

Wildlife Matters #6 Looks at Wildlife in Canada’s Boreal Forest and Tar Sands Development

Posted in Community Radio, Ecology, Humboldt County, Media with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on April 20, 2015 by Amy Gustin Canada’s boreal forest is home to iconic northern species such as caribou, moose, lynx and wolverines, and is a strong hold for wolves, black bears and grizzlies.  It is also the Summer breeding grounds for at least 300 migratory bird species.  Tune in on Thursday, April 23 at 5 to learn more about this special ecosystem, the wild animals that depend upon it, and the threats posed by Tar Sands development, as we talk to Jim Murphy, Senior Counsel for the National Wildlife Federation.

To download or stream Wildlife Matters #6, click on the link.

Sea Otters at last!

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This Thursday, February 26, at 5 p.m. PST, Wildlife Matters #5 will air on kmud.  In this episode we talk about Sea Otters, the keystone species of the kelp forests of the North Pacific.  We hear from Dr. Jane Watson, of the Vancouver Aquarium, and Dr. James Estes, professor at U.C. Santa Cruz.  If you enjoy breathing, and want to stop climate change, you’ll appreciate learning about the surprisingly large role this carnivore could play in keeping the world hospitable to life as we know it.  Tune in to, or look for it on this blog, or at Wildlife Matters Radio Show on facebook.

Technical set-back postpones WM#5, The Sex Lives of Mushrooms to air Thursday

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Yesterday, as I worked on the last few minutes of our Sea Otter show, John painstakingly pieced together another 10 minutes of recorded audio, making sure the sound quality sparkled.  Then I heard John gasp “No!” followed by an ominous silence.  “We’re done.” he finally continued, in an eerie, shell-shocked voice.  What was he talking about?  I knew we still had a few more minutes to go.  What had happened?  The hard drive died.  Our radio show…gone.  All our shows, manuscripts, photographs of spiders…bye, bye, bye.  Pfft.  We spent the rest of the night recovering from this bombshell, trying to figure out which materials had back-up.  If any of you have hard copies of any of our shows, please hold on to them.  We just might need them.  In the meantime, WM#5 is postponed til February.  We still have most of the audio stored in our recorder.  As soon as our computer is back up and running, John will start piecing it back together.  Replacing WM this Thursday, will be the pilot episode of a new show produced by John, called The Adventurous Ear.  This first show features local musician and mycologist extraordinaire, Willoughby, performing The Sex Lives of Mushrooms, live at Siren Song in Eureka.  It was a fantastic and fascinating performance, and this Thursday’s show features a nice slice of the performance, with short interviews of the artist interspersed throughout the show.  I highly recommend tuning in to  this Thursday at 5 p.m.

Coda: All was not lost!  Our computer guys were able to save most of the important stuff on our old hard drive, including WM#5.  Yay!